Open Letter to GOP Leadership

November 2, 2021

RINO’s are Actually Turtles

Watching the GOP over the 4 years under Donald Trump was like watching turtles in a pond: on sunny days they would be out sunning themselves in full view; at the first sign of danger, however, they’d slide into the water and only pop their heads up at a distance.

I am an entrepreneur in Austin Texas who was part of the Tea Party revolt under Obama. I was also a committed donor to the 2016 Trump campaign. I guess you could make the argument that I, like many other Americans, was part of the “Silent Majority”.  But, I am here now to inform the GOP Leadership that we are silent no more.

The American People are furious. All American people regardless of race, color, culture, or religion. Red-blooded Americans are sick and tired of what we have witnessed in just six months of the Biden Administration;

Americans don’t like the way we are being treated as stupid by the “elite media”.

Americans don’t like the way we are looked down upon by phony professors on TV.

Americans are disgusted with Teachers Unions and what is transpiring in our elementary and secondary public schools. Parents go broke sending their kids away to school for $50,000 per year only to be indoctrinated to hate America by tenured professors making six-figure salaries teaching a mere two classes per semester. Our universities rewrite our history on an annual basis. Unlike them, we honor our American history. The good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of it.

Americans are sent all over the world to fight wars and enforce borders for other countries. Meanwhile, American borders are wide open and we have a POTUS who consciously violates immigration laws which have been on the books for decades.

Americans are fed up with coastal Leftists like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who threaten to pack our Supreme Court. Who can forget what they did to Brett Kavanaugh? This Court is the “People’s Court,” and we can no longer tolerate their attacks on Separation of Power and every other Constitutional Amendment, 1A, 2A, etc etc etc.

Americans are done with the attacks on our children’s gender, the nuclear family, and parental rights.

Law-abiding Americans will never stop defending the attacks on our 2nd Amendment while George Soros-backed District Attorneys in major cities refuse to prosecute criminals who commit gun violence and release them back on our streets with no bail.

We are anguished by recent events in our country, but We the People are peaceful. We are not “mostly peaceful.” We are 100% peaceful. You won’t find us looting stores or tossing Molotov Cocktails into police vehicles. We defend the police. You won’t find us burning cities or tearing down statues.

But we are MAD AS HELL at both the DNC and GOP as there is no difference between Leftist loons in the DNC and spineless turtles in the GOP. I think that GOP Leadership thinks voters have forgotten the fact we had the House, the Senate, and the White House from 2016-2018 until the Turtles all jumped off the proverbial log in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s Russia Hoax perpetrated on the Trump Campaign. The GOP Turtles could have acted on DACA, Big Tech Censorship, election reform, and a myriad of other issues. In short, they are all epic failures.

I am sick and tired of listening to Minority Leader McCarthy beg voters for money and votes to “take back the house.  I say “so freaking what?  The GOP is chock-full of establishment Turtles — like my own ancient doddering Congressman John Carter who does not fight for his voters. Because I had been a long-time Carter donor, I recently received an email from Carter during his border visit, grubbing for money to “take back Congress”…Hey, John! Where were you in 2016-2018? We could have solved DACA, Big Tech Censorship, Election Reform etc etc

These GOP Turtles all had their chance… Primary them ALL!… so that WE THE PEOPLE, not

RINO – Turtles “take back Congress”

Derrick Johns

Austin Texas